Welcome to AMC! We are here to assist you in any way we can.

The company was established by the principal officer to provide excellence and a commitment to outstanding service to clients in the field of residential property management.

The Company is guided by a commitment to provide a level of property management services for our Association clients which will meet or exceed their expectations in every respect. We recognize the homeowners have both a financial and an emotional interest in their homes and Association. Our goal is to enhance property values and every aspect of the living environment through professionalism, integrity and responsiveness.

We believe that our approach to the management of your community will show tangible benefits and will be appreciated by both the Board of Directors and the members of your Association. Our management concept will lead to a more responsive management structure and increased community independence, as well as provide the basis for a smooth transition should a change in management ever be required. We appreciate the opportunity to present our company to you and look forward with anticipation to serving you in the future.